Are You Planning a Day Trip to Philadelphia with Your Students?

Philadelphia is a fantastic American city with a lot of history and value for a class field trip. As one of the most populous cities during the Revolution, there were some very momentous things that happened here. Kids can learn about history as well as what life was like back then. Here are some great places to visit on your day trip to Philadelphia with your students. 

The Liberty Bell 

The Liberty Bell is one of the most iconic images of the Revolution. Children can look at the bell and its famous crack. They will also learn about its significance during the war. Not only is it extremely interesting to look at, but it puts out such patriotic and American vibes. Your class will be able to feel its connection to the country. It may even make them proud to be an American.  

Betsy Ross House

Betsy Ross was the American patriot who designed the first American Flag. The Betsy Ross House is said to be where she lives when she created the flag. The house allows kids to see what a home at that time might have looked like. While the flag has changed over the years, it still contains the original design- only more stars. 

Philadelphia Zoo

Children love animals. Let the kids get in touch with their primal side by taking them to the Philadelphia Zoo to look at all of the animals. This Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in America.  It opened on July 1, 1874. They will learn about different animals and get plenty of exercise as you walk from exhibit to exhibit. The zoo may also encourage children to care about the planet we live on.  

Franklin Institute Science Museum

Philadelphia is a city that birthed a number of different inventions and innovations in science and technology. It’s fitting that the science museum is named after the famous former resident Benjamin Franklin. He was known to invent everything from bifocals to electricity. You’ll see plenty of his inventions at the museum, but there will be a lot more to learn, too. 

Independence Hall 

Years ago, the Founding Fathers met at Independence Hall to debate the political issues of the time. Most of these issues involved declaring our independence from Britain and establishing our own government. In fact, both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were introduced, debated, and put into place in this historic building. After taking a tour of the hall, you and the kids can have lunch in Independence National Historical Park. 

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Not everything in Philadelphia is about the Revolutionary War. At the Philadelphia Museum of Art, you can look at famous images from a number of different times periods from a number of different places in the world. It can show the children that they can be American and still appreciate art from other cultures as well. Of course, this is where the famous “Rocky Steps” happen to be, so if your student is a fan of Rocky they will love to have the opportunity to climb the steps and boast to their family and friends about it.

National Constitution Center

The Constitution is the basis of our country’s government and principles. Children should learn about it to learn about what the country was founded on. Take the children to the National Constitution Center where they can learn everything they need to know about this important document.  

Museum of the American Revolution

The American Revolution was the fight for independence from Britain. We became a unique country at this point, but it required a lot for us to get there. Help children learn the sacrifice the people made by taking them to the Museum of the American Revolution. Philadelphia is an American city through and through. It even acted as the capital for a small point in time. These are just some of the amazing things you can do while in town.  Contact TK Tours Inc at 516-492-3114 for more information.



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