Important information about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

TK Tours, Inc is aware of the current Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its effects on travel safety. We are continuously monitoring the situation and staying in constant communication with all our vendors, travel partners, and clients.  

The safety of all our parents, school faculty, tour guides, students, and all personnel we work with is our top priority. We want to make sure that everyone’s tours are safe and we keep you fully informed of the situation. 

Currently, the CDC has issued a warning for travel to the following destinations. 

  • China
  • Iran
  • South Korea
  • Italy
  • Japan

More information on travel bans:

As of this time, there are no restrictions against travel within the United States.


With popular landmarks and destinations across the states temporarily closing in an effort to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, the United States is starting to see more cancellations and postponements aimed at stemming the spread of coronavirus.

TK Tours is handling trip cancellations on a case by case basis due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and any bans to certain destinations. We have been communicating with our suppliers, asking for flexibility with their cancellation penalties during this very concerning situation.

In the event of a cancellation, due to a travel ban to your destination, we will do our best to postpone your trip to a later date (if allowed) or work with our vendors to provide you with refunds.  For all other cases, if the district, school or parents decide to cancel and there is no threat in that direct area, any refund related to the cancellation of your trip will be managed under the terms and conditions of our standard cancellation policy as stated in your agreement.   

Safety Tips:

  • Wash your hands frequently. Especially when traveling or when in public places.
  • Maintain distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing. 
  • Avoid touching your face, especially areas like your mouth and eyes.
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Stay informed on the outbreak

What you need to know about the Coronavirus:

Coronavirus Fact Sheet:

Information from important resources: 

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