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Please review the enclosed Final Documents which details all confirmed confirmations for on .  

If there are additions or omissions required, please bring them to my attention immediately.  Please note if any above documents say “PRINT” please print and give to appropriate vendor. Otherwise you can use your mobile device to view account and any attached documents.  Documents/confirmations are in the order of the itinerary.  All attractions and restaurants have been prepaid by TK Tours.  In the event something should need to be paid (parking etc) please go ahead and pay and TK Tours will reimburse you.

If the group has arranged for private security, give each guard security sheet to fill out and return to head chaperone or you (Guard can slide under head chaperone door or your door)


  • TK TOURS 24 hours emergency phone number:  516-314-0264
  • Motorcoach Company:   The day before trip I will email you driver name and cell#
    • Driver Gratuity: Pre paid by group and paid to company directly
  • Teacher:
  • Security Guard Company:

 After your tour is complete, please access your portal and upload the following information;

  • Invoice for Payment: Click below link to log into your portal.  Your access code is: xxxxxxx.
    • LINK to Tour Guide Invoice
  • Paperwork:  All paperwork must be submitted within 14 days.  Paperwork can be uploaded to your invoice portal along with the following:
    • Daily commentary
    • Head Count
    • Submitted invoice along with any receipts for reimbursement

Additional information:

  • TK Tours allots a maximum of $50.00, each way, in travel transportation reimbursement if tour is outside city of residence. Receipts are required for all reimbursement
  • Meals: TK Tours does not reimburse for meals that are not prepaid by the group. If a meal states “at group’s expense” you would be responsible to pay for that meal on your own
  • Gratuity: Pre paid by group and will be included with your salary

Should you have any questions after reviewing your packet, please don’t hesitate to call our office!  Have a safe and wonderful tour!

Warmest regards,

Lisa Doria

Tour Guide Documents

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