Where are the Top Places to Visit with Students in South Carolina?

Taking students on field trips is at the heart of education. These field trips offer a sense of learning in a hands-on and fun way. Continue reading for six of the best places to take students in South Carolina. 

1. Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie

Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie, located in Charleston, South Carolina, are two of the top battlefields in the United States. The location of these forts are where the Americans conquered the Royal Navy in 1776 and were also defeated in 1780, both during the American Revolution. These forts are also the homes of where the Civil War began with shots fired in 1861. 

This location hosts great field trips for students who want a hands-on learning experience about two of the most important wars in American history. Both forts can be visited, or just one can. There are scavenger hunts the parks provide to engage the students throughout the trip. 

2. Greenville Zoo

The Greenville Zoo is located in Greenville, South Carolina. It offers excellent hands-on experiences for students in preschool to high school learning about animals and animal science. Not only can the students visit with the animals and learn about their habitats, but they can also get close and personal with the animals. 

Preschoolers, for example, can learn more about how animals move with live animals. They will also learn about zookeeper’s jobs. High schoolers, however, can learn more about the career of a zookeeper and how to protect the animals seen. There are also self-guided tours offered for any age group. 

3. Peace Center

The Peace Center is a performing arts center located in Greenville, South Carolina. It is a great location for an arts-based or social studies based field trip. It offers a concert hall, a theater and an amphitheater with various types of performances to enjoy. Some Broadway-style performances are also featured here.

Some performances coming up that students will learn from and enjoy include Disney’s Aladdin, Les Miserables, and Curious George: The Golden Meatball. The center offers STEM-based field trips where students can experience music, dance, and theater in a hands-on way. They will learn about cultural traditions, science and works of art to gain global perspectives. 

4. The South Carolina State Museum

This museum is located in Columbia, South Carolina and offers many exhibits with hands-on learning on various subjects including science, history, literature, and arts. Any age can enjoy this museum and all it has to offer. Exhibits include one based on Sherlock Holmes, a planetarium, an observatory, and pre-historic exhibits. 

The South Carolina State Museum offers free admission for field trips where students can explore all four floors, including the planetarium and observatory. There are guided tours with stops at stations to gain hands-on STEM experience. The field trips are catered to meet the needs of the ages of the students. 

5. Dupont Planetarium

The Dupont Planetarium is located in Aiken, South Carolina at the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center. The planetarium offers views of the night sky and stars from the auditorium. The students can learn a significant amount about the science of astronomy and the planets when visiting the planetarium. 

The planetarium arranges for private shows during the school day for students of all ages. The shows do follow the guidelines for statewide science standards. The events can be scheduled online or over the phone. 

6. Broadway at the Beach

Broadway at the Beach is a great tourist destination that is also great for field trips in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It offers various attractions throughout include live entertainment, shopping centers, mirror mazes, and other amusements. There are also mini-golf adventures, jet boats, helicopter adventures, animals and water parks. 

Broadway at the Beach is a great option for a fun, reward style field trip. It may be better for students who are older elementary-aged so they can truly enjoy all of the attractions and can easily stick together in groups. Plan the attractions your group wants to visit beforehand to ensure there is no confusion upon arrival.

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